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TypeRight - The Digital Nukkad is a conversation hub, or as we call it in some parts of India, a nukkad for chatter about all things digital. This newsletter is curated by the Research & Advocacy team at Digital Empowerment Foundation. We bring you newsy developments, week after week, as well as stories about digital developments and its impact on people - both connected and unconnected.
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TypeRight - The Digital Nukkad

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TypeRight - The Digital Nukkad, is a weekly conversational bulletin curated through the news and discussions on social media as well as what's happening on the ground. Through the eyes and ears of Digital Empowerment Foundation across rural India and global south, TypeRight aspires to focus on bringing the contextual relevance of digital technologies and developments on the society - both connected and unconnected.

Current Obsessions

  • digital divide

  • digital exclusion

  • digital inclusion

  • digital identity

  • digital citizen

  • digital government

  • right to privacy

  • freedom of expression

  • internet shutdown

  • misinformation

  • fakenews

  • disinformation

  • hate speech